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Holiday drama....

In just a few days, the smell of turkey will fill the house. The doorbell will ring and bring on the holiday season with all of its drama.

There's always one in the gathering. The one who picks on everyone!Then there's the one who doesn't like being picked on and gets upset. Maybe you have a relative who gets upset because they weren't invited except they really were!

The holidays bring out the good and bad in families when it comes to spending time together. It is most important to remember that the holidays are an opportunity to grow in virtue. This takes practice!!!

By practicing patience instead of reacting to each and every comment we didn't like.

Practice self-control instead of letting words fly out of your mouth.

Generosity overcomes greed. By donating your talent, time or treasure for the less fortunate you can detach from the things of this world. It puts the focus on God and not the stuff. It's a personal sacrifice.


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I am not one to rant, but I have to express my displeasure with what I have been seeing over and over again the last week!

I have been seeing Christmas stuff! I saw a Christmascommercial on the tv.  I really am not a Scrooge but why the rush?
Is it because retailers fear we, the consumers will forget?
Maybe it is more likely that greed has really become the name of the game? How can the retailer make the most money off of this religious holiday?

I have enjoyed seeing the number of retailers who have said NO to being open on Thanksgiving and some even said NO to Black Friday! Here is the list of stores saying NO to being open to Thanksgiving by giving acknowledgement this holiday should be spent with family and friends:

Ace Hardware

Barnes & Noble



Crate and Barrel

Neiman Marcus



Bed Bath & Beyond

Burlington Coat Factory


TJ Maxx



Home Depot



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Uncategorized Jun 18, 2016

I love fall. I really love fall!!!

I hope you get that! It is the most beautiful time of year in my humble opinion. Where else can you see nature's beautiful palette transform before your eyes?

If you don't live somewhere that has a change of seasons, I am sorry. I really got it see it at least once. Some of you may be somewhere that has already experienced the beauty of the fall transformation because you might have had SNOW!

So I want to share the must do things for FALL in no particular order:
1. a bonfire with smores
2. a hayride
3. visit the pumpkin patch
4. go for a hike through the fall beauty
5. Take a bike ride along a scenic path filled with colorful trees.
6. Go on a ghost walk to a "haunted" place. You can google them for your area
7.Enjoy a glass of mulled wine
8. Be a tourist where you live, see the sights with the beauty of fall surrounding you. It changes the whole feel. I would even encourage you to take a trip to Disney World even though the leaves won't be...

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Uncategorized Jun 18, 2016

Who's right and who's wrong??? The answer is NO ONE!! The right brain dominant people have been picked on forever and called a variety of names such as "slob", "lazy", "messy" and the list goes on. I myself may have been guilty of this very thing. I am sorry to have to admit this but I am no angel!!!

Your organizing style is affected by how your brain works.  I am always fascinated by the brain, it such a complex structure. I read a book called, Organizing for the Creative Person where I gained all of this knowledge then I put it to use in the professional organizing world with my real life clients. I also looked into my own family as well. Let me share with you some thoughts on both the right brain dominant person as well as the left brain dominant person.  See where you fall.....

                             Right brain...

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Uncategorized Jun 18, 2016

So, you were excited to become more organized! You noticed your life got a lot easier and your family a little happier. You can find things around your house and your never late anymore. It is quite an accomplishment and you should be excited!!!!! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for YOU.

What happens when you fall off the proverbial wagon of organization?? What happens when all of those nicely de-cluttered spaces are a mess?
What happens when you are finding yourself slipping back into the old habits??

Let me say this to you, DON"T PANIC!!!!!! It will happen from time to time as life happens around you.  I would say you should evaluate WHY your organization is slipping.
-Is it because you are a little busier now than you were before?
-Is it because you've been sick?
-Maybe you are stressed about something else in your life and don't have the energy right now to focus on organizing.
-Could it be that your organizational system is too complicated for you to sustain?

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The end of summer is upon us and a new school year has crept up on us. Are you ready??? There are so many things to think about in the next couple of weeks, it makes your head spin!   I am sending my baby boy off to middle school-YIKES! Plus, I have a 10th grader and my godson who is going into the 11th grade so I know just how out of control this time of year can be.  Not this year because you are going to be on top of things....YEP!! 

In honor of past school year's gone by this one is going to be less CRAZY! I mean it!!!

School supplies are never ending in the first weeks of school. Just when you think you have them all, you don't.
It is best to wait until the 1st week of school goes by to see what the teachers want especially if you are dealing with middle and high school. Elementary school is a little different and a little more organized. Gotta love...

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Uncategorized Jun 18, 2016

As we near the end of summer, I notice that I have a mind shift. My mind is changing gears all toward getting the kids back to school. Fascinating, since just 3 weeks ago we were preparing to go on our family vacation!

Then I realized how our lives really have seasons not unlike the weather. 

We have the season of our youth until we graduate and change seasons all along the way. The season really changes after graduation as we gain more responsibility on our path to adulthood. During all of this time we can have our rainy periods where it seems as if life is against us. "When it rains, it pours." We also have our sunshine periods of time where "life is good" and going our way. 

After we get to adulthood we move onto our next season of marriage. How different our lives become in this season because it's about 2 people now and just yourself. This season is not without its storms like those little disagreements and arguments you may have from time to time. It also has lots...

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Uncategorized Jun 18, 2016

Today was the day I had to do it....

For the past week, I had been walking past my kitchen counter looking at "stuff" piling up. It is the central gathering place for everyone's "stuff". I looked at it and kept saying to myself , "I need to get my hands on this." I just felt like it was going to take more time and energy than I could give. Maybe you have a space like this too?  I think most of us do. Fortunately or unfortunately, we have alot of counter space in our kitchen and I think that is what gives my family permission to dump here! The other problem we have in our home is that there is no office. So this particular area of the counter is really a mini office minus the filing cabinet! It is a challenging space even for ME! It works when I am diligently protecting the space. If I let my guard down for a day, I know someone is going to stick something here that doesn't belong. 

Today was the day I was tired of looking at it all over the counter. For giggles, I decided...

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Uncategorized Jun 18, 2016

I had the blues, the post vacation blues....

It felt like a hangover. It was from the high of my vacation to the low of facing everyday life. Let me just say that I had really needed the time off!! Running my business while still working a full time job had wore me out. 

I can't lie about this, I was totally overwhelmed when I got home not to mention unmotivated. I looked around and saw a mountain of things to do and only a day to get it all done. Yes, even organizers get overwhelmed with our own stuff! 

I knew I was going to be in trouble if I didn't get myself together. I thought about what I would tell a client and here's what I did....

First, I unpacked. Seems basic but it is that thing that people will avoid. I've seen people walk around the packed suitcases on the bedroom floor for days. Once I unpacked, I triggered positive momentum in my body and I started to feel like I was coming alive! Mentally, this forced me to get back in the moment and stop living in...

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Uncategorized Jun 18, 2016

Summer is a great time to de-clutter and reorganize. Here's why I believe this to be true:

1. More time to do this kind of work
2. It makes sense to do this when you have children as it is now the end of the school year
3. More hands to help if you have children home
4. Great way to spend a staycation
5. Seems like a popular time of year to move

Now let me expand my thoughts on this.....

When you have children you spend alot of time running them around in the evenings after you get home from work during the school year. For many of us, that seems to slow down with summertime. Why not, spend a designated amount of time on a particular project? For example, you could set aside a half hour per evening to work on a closet in your house. This could be done sooner if you could designate more time but anything is better than nothing!!

With the end of the school year comes many pieces of paper, awards, etc. This is a great time to take a picture of the artwork and let your child select which...

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