VIRTUAL Organizing

This is done by face time or skype. We can even do it by phone, it just requires a little more work for you!

BENEFITS:  You can get your own organizer no matter where you live!
Saves you $ since you are doing the hands on  work!
Work in shorter increments, average of 1 hour
The price includes (2) 15 minute phone calls for follow up!!!  Please go to the Consultation page to sign up and you will be called within 24 hours for your appointment to GET ORGANIZED

Virtual Organizing is for the do- it-yourself type  who just needs a little guidance and is self motivated to complete the project.
 General organizing and de cluttering in your home or office which may involve an overwhelming amount of  paper.  This can also be an attic, basement or garage as well. I work for you and with you to help you move from clutter and beyond to a place of organizational nirvana. Please go to the consultation page to sign up and you will be called to make an appointment within 24 hours. 



Evaluate the project
Make an organizing plan for the space according to your organizing style
Complete the project ensuring the plan meets or exceeds your expectations with clean up done before the organizer leaves your home. (donations will be packaged and labeled appropriately for you)
Follow up phone call in 2-4 weeks to assess the sustainability of the plan.


Small areas of disorganization and de cluttering that can be done in 4 hours or less.




An area or areas of clutter and disorganization taking up to 8 hours to complete. 



Multiple areas of disorganization or any one project taking more than 8 hours.


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