L. Tadesse, Vienna, Va

"Darlene was amazing! Areas in our house were in dire need of organization! She came by our house, surveyed all rooms and made tons of suggestions. Our kids' play area was a jumbled mess and we could never find anything. Darlene suggested some clear containers that I bought easily on Amazon. After they arrived, she unpacked them and miraculously organized the playroom. Now the kids can find all of their toys easily. My daughter even had a great time labeling all of the drawers."

P Henry Woodbridge, Va

"Ms Illig’s professional team started on a Tuesday and worked the entire week in our newly built house, unpacking over 60 boxes and setting up an organizational system in the house so everything was in a place that made sense and was very practical and logical. Everyday she consulted with me after the day’s work was complete and gave me suggestions and we discussed the way ahead. I concurred with her suggestions and she and her team executed the plan the next day.

This took a lot of pressure off of moving into a new home. Being in the military we move a lot and we are constantly packing and unpacking huge amounts of boxes. This move occurred  while my spouse was deployed and I starting a new assignments so we desperately needed Ms Illig’s team’s professional help.  The great news is that her team did the main muscle work in setting up our home in a sensible and logical way that was painless to our family.

I have recommended her services to my sister and I can see by the houses on the street we live on that her services are very much needed in our neighborhood. I highly recommend her services to help in organizing any personal or professional spaces. If I have any more organizing to do, her firm will by my first choice, without question."

Terri W of Manassas, Va

"Darlene is exceptional. Very pleasant, helpful and hard working. I couldn’t have accomplished the job I need to without her help and guidance."

Ms. C Elizabeth J in Woodbridge, Va

"This service is wonderful and I will definitely recommend to anyone."

Susan M. Springfield, Va

"Darlene is simply the best! She called immediately to discuss my project, and even though it didn't really fall under her professional expertise, she agreed to help me organize for a garage sale. I was amazed at her ability to analyze the situation then get down to work. She was able to sort and organize items into boxes for easier sale as well as price individual items. It seemed to me an almost impossible task but Darlene is energetic and focused. She's also great fun to work with, and I appreciated her patience and support in helping me through a personally challenging project. She's a wonderful lady with great instincts. I would definitely use her resources again - and I may!"

Ana J. Manassas, Va

"Darlene has been wonderful. She is patient and understanding, but also quick to respond when you reach out to her. As of this moment we have not started the work, but if she is as good at organizing as she is at explaining and communicating then I know that she will be my go to when I need help with projects like this."

Carol M Haymarket, Va

"Illig Enterprises is professional, thorough and efficient. I am thrilled with the experience and result of the project."

C. Elizabeth Dale City, Va

"Ms Darlene is excellent and a pleasure to work with. I will be hiring her again very soon."

Paige F Manassas, Va

"Amazing personal service, professional and considerate."

Raven F Springfield, Va

"Professional and very accommodating. Super friendly and very down-to-earth. Was able to help me with an overwhelming project in four hours. I have her coming back to help with another one before Christmas. I wish I would have found her earlier!"


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