Top Things to Organize this Autumn

autumn fall organize Sep 07, 2017

We all desire order in our lives, some of us more than others. Here are 10 areas you can get a handle on this fall. It’s all in the spirit of being proactive which allows you to save time and money.


1.    The Calendar

      Do you use one? Paper vs technology

      Do you check it often enough?

      Is it overbooked?

      Schedule yourself a little downtime either daily or weekly


2.   Coat closet

      Prepare for the change in weather

      Locate the hats, winter coats, rain jackets, umbrellas, mittens, gloves and boots. This is when you want to know if the boots fit your children not when there is a looming blizzard!


3.   Medicine Cabinet

      Get rid of expired items

      Stock up for allergy season


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I've lost my desk again!

"Help! I'm drowning in here and very overwhelmed!", this is a common statement I hear from so many clients. For many of us a home office doesn't have to be a room all its own. It may be as simple as a space in the kitchen to a larger room devoted to being a home office. As an organizer, I generally see the dysfunctional home office. 

Why is the home office such a challenge????

-It's the perfect storm of paper...

So many categories of paper ending up in this one place creates the perfect storm!

-You may not be alone...

Your office space may be in a high traffic area allowing access to everyone in your house. That's alot of extra paper!

-May have more paper than space...

Sometimes these areas end up overwhelmed by the amount of paper and the limited amount of space! Is a purge in order???

-No system in place...

The method of piling paper on a desk is the only "organizing" there is! How do you find what you are looking for??

Creating a system that works for you is not as hard as...

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