Breaking bad ( a bad habit)

bad habits Apr 07, 2017

I am not much of a TV watcher so I really don’t know much about Breaking Bad! One of the things I have heard is that people binge watch it. I have other areas of indulgence and binge watching I participate in. This is what brings me to self-awareness of a really bad habit I’ve got to break free of and now! 

I check email and social media excessively to the point of avoidance of important tasks!!!!!Yikes! That makes this a vice for me. I used to be really good at limiting myself and then slowly I got away from it. I am providing my own intervention. I am only going to allow myself one time/day to check email and once/day for social media!!!!!! I know, this sounds EXTREME, however, I know that I must do it this way to reprogram my brain. With a lot of prayer, I hope this reprogram won’t take very long!!

My plan is to tell everyone who is close to me so they can support and hold me accountable. We all need someone to hold us accountable especially when we are starting something new like a diet, an exercise program, etc. 

The next thing I’ve decided is that each time I reach for my phone to check I must say a prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide me away from temptation. The next thing I am doing is turning off notifications because I think that is where I fell into temptation in the first place. Without temptation, there is no sin. I must cut temptation out!! As a business owner who has an online presence, it is really tempting to go in and see who “liked” my page, however, if it is distracting me from other MORE important business tasks then I need to move to a more positive habit.

I have to say this is Day 1 and I’ve already found myself reaching for my phone no fewer than 10 times especially while writing this!! I am an addict, did you hear me?? I said and I feel better for acknowledging it!!

For me, I know that all is good in moderation!! I do have to say that self-awareness was not even on my radar when I was living in chaos, clutter & disorganization. It has only been through the decluttering process that I’ve been able to balance out all areas of my life. These are the mind, body and the spirit. I do know that I like to practice self-sabotage which is why this type of fast is really a positive habit. Still, I know that I am far from perfect and still susceptible to temptation. For this week I will post daily though I am not a daily blogger. I think that you may be the best accountability partners of all!

So, thank you for reading this blog and I ask you to pray for me. This cannot be done without prayer! Actually, I find nothing can be done without prayer! I will pray for all of you as well.

Would you like to join this journey with me? Do you have any bad habits you could change into good ones? I invite you to come along…..


Being better today than yesterday,

Darlene Illig


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