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Darlene Illig is the Founder of Organize You Inside and Out. She is a wife and a mother of four who finds God as her center point to each and every day. With a hectic household and a full-time job, she created solutions in her book, Digging Deeper for things we all experience daily in our lives. It was in her trial and error of her own life that this book was born.

A life long love of teaching in a volunteer sense and now through the people she shares what she has learned has provided more blessings than she ever thought possible. She is extremely grateful for the love and support she receives from her family and friends.

It is her desire to help others live the life they were created to live through finding happiness in all that they do. Her belief that we were not created to be disorganized and chaotic is the essential inspiration of her book, Digging Deeper. In watching people find their organizational nirvana, it it truly inspirational. It is her wish to be able to help others move past the internal messiness to a place they are happy to live in each day.

In her organizing business she is happy to work with all types of spaces, personal or business. Her specialty is time management because time is really no friend to anyone. Knowing how to work with time really allows people to achieve more. She loves working with families because that is the area she feels she is able to make the most impact. Contact her today if you feel like you are drowning in your disorganized space.....

 This ICD® education has equipped me to serve clients with ADHD.  I understand the definition and characteristics and have strategies that have been developed for this population.  I have knowledge of the resources available to help my clients

This ICD® education has equipped me to serve clients affected by chronic disorganization with targeted strategies, skills and techniques. I am aware of safety and neurological issues that may impact my client, and know of resources available in our community.


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