Out of sight, out of mind

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2017

There appears to be some unwritten rule that says everyone must use a dresser. I am here to tell you that is just not true. In fact, many people can lead a simpler life if there is no dresser. It actually lessens stress and saves time when there is no dresser to contend with. Seems kind of scandalous, doesn’t it? I have performed my own informal research as a Professional Organizer to come to this conclusion. Let me share this revelation with you…..

Most of the time, the dresser is used for storage on top with very little going in the drawers themselves. Very commonly, if there are items inside the dresser they are rarely worn and I will hear,” Oh, I didn’t know I still had that!” 

For some people, there is an out of sight, out of mind reality. The fear is that putting items in the drawer and closing it will prevent those items from ever being found again.

In some cases, I realized that opening a drawer and closing it was too many steps for...

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Top Things to Organize this Autumn

autumn fall organize Sep 07, 2017

We all desire order in our lives, some of us more than others. Here are 10 areas you can get a handle on this fall. It’s all in the spirit of being proactive which allows you to save time and money.


1.    The Calendar

      Do you use one? Paper vs technology

      Do you check it often enough?

      Is it overbooked?

      Schedule yourself a little downtime either daily or weekly


2.   Coat closet

      Prepare for the change in weather

      Locate the hats, winter coats, rain jackets, umbrellas, mittens, gloves and boots. This is when you want to know if the boots fit your children not when there is a looming blizzard!


3.   Medicine Cabinet

      Get rid of expired items

      Stock up for allergy season


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3 Steps to becoming a Scheduling Minimalist

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2017

 The minimalist lifestyle is becoming quite popular. Some may choose to live in their homes that way but I choose to live my schedule in this manner. The one key thing to living as a minimalist in any area of your life is to cut out anything that doesn’t belong.

In scheduling, this requires an assessment of your calendar.

Let’s talk assessment, do you know your priorities for you and your family? This sounds basic but I honestly believe it isn’t looked at enough. So, the question to ponder is what do you want your life to look like on a daily basis? Do you want to run around in many different directions without the time to breathe or speak to one another? Do you want to have a qualitative life filled with what you have determined to be the most important activities and tasks?  There was a day in particular when I must have said, “hurry up” to my boys at least 25 times! I realized then that I might have a problem!! I really was afraid they were...

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Shopping spree vs Shopping addiction

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2017

This is one of those topics you just never know how it will be received! My goal is to educate and offer support without judging, this is a subject near and dear to my heart as a Professional Organizer.

I see this the most in the closet. Most of my clients don’t have enough room in their closets to fit all of their clothes. I have to talk with them about how they got to this place and then we can move forward to organizing the closet. Letting go of the clothes can be a stressful event if not handled carefully. Many well meaning loved ones think that shaming the person will get them to purge and stop shopping, not true at all. In some cases, it can make the condition worse, much worse.

So, let’s be clear, a shopping spree is different than an addiction to shopping. There’s an emotional and behavioral experience that goes on with an addiction to shopping/compulsive buying, not unlike many other addictions. One of the essential distinctions is the euphoria one feels...

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Books, Books, everywhere….

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2017

It’s the end of the school year and time to clean out dorm rooms, lockers and backpacks for millions of students. It is also peak moving season. What do these scenarios have in common? BOOKS!! Where can these books go?

Well, there are plenty of high school students who have required reading to do over the summer and you may have a book they need.Check out the local high school’s required reading list to see if you have something on that list.  Younger children are encouraged to read over the summer as well and some may not be able to afford the purchase of new books. College students spend a lot of money on books that they no longer need but someone else may.

You may choose to do one of 2 things with your gently used unwanted books, get paid for them or donate them.

If you would like to make a little money off your books here are some places you could use.

1.    Hold a yard sale - be prepared for people to haggle on your prices so price accordingly.


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Not a fan of change….

Uncategorized May 16, 2017

It’s a new season of life for so many of us. May-June is that time of year where the talk is of change and what is coming. Then August-September rolls around and change just happens. Graduations always bring CHANGE! In my home, we have been through this twice and are about to go through it again!

For so many years, being someone’s mom has been the most important focus of every day and rightfully so. Somehow during that time, the actual person behind the mom disappeared. I like to think she is still there but much quieter because of the enormity of being someone’s mom. From time to time she likes to do what she really likes to do and then the rest of the time she goes along with the flow of the family. This is not a slight at being a mom but is a reality. There is an imbalance in the mom-wife-person ration. Mom in most cases wins out!!

Part of what I do as a Professional Organizer is to figure out where my clients are. Usually, in talking with them for a few minutes...

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The bad habit I had to get rid of….

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2017

Have you ever had that feeling where you know you are falling into a bad habit and still continue to follow along with the behavior?  I was really developing some bad habits with checking social media. It really was ridiculous how many times a day I was looking at my phone! I really was becoming a slave to my phone. The sad part was that I actually don’t have that kind of time to waste! There were tasks I was avoiding by wasting time away on social media.  I recognized I was using my phone to distract me from making business calls. I was on the phone just not making business calls. It became necessary for me to change my behavior and create some better habits. I decided to see how I could do with 5 days of habit changing behavior.


Day 1

 I put this task on my schedule to really create some accountability. I put facebook, instagram and email on a schedule. This allowed me to take control and create some good habits. I could only check them once in the...

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Breaking bad ( a bad habit)

bad habits Apr 07, 2017

I am not much of a TV watcher so I really don’t know much about Breaking Bad! One of the things I have heard is that people binge watch it. I have other areas of indulgence and binge watching I participate in. This is what brings me to self-awareness of a really bad habit I’ve got to break free of and now! 

I check email and social media excessively to the point of avoidance of important tasks!!!!!Yikes! That makes this a vice for me. I used to be really good at limiting myself and then slowly I got away from it. I am providing my own intervention. I am only going to allow myself one time/day to check email and once/day for social media!!!!!! I know, this sounds EXTREME, however, I know that I must do it this way to reprogram my brain. With a lot of prayer, I hope this reprogram won’t take very long!!

My plan is to tell everyone who is close to me so they can support and hold me accountable. We all need someone to hold us accountable especially when we are...

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5 steps to becoming organized in 15 minutes

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2017

Watch this super short video if you would like to learn how to be more organized!

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Lonely socks do good works

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2017

Everyone has an unmatched sock pile, don’t you? I do. How did we get it? How long do we keep it? The questions for me are endless. I do think there is some secret connection between washing machine manufacturers and sock companies! (Conspiracy 101!) Think about the time it takes to go through that sock pile and try with a positive attitude to match up all the socks to only match a couple! It’s like being on an emotional roller coaster. Let’s face it,  it’s another chore. One we aren’t likely to put on the chore list.  It probably gets attention only when someone is looking for socks, at least that is how it works in our home.

The fad for some is to wear mismatched socks which is a good thing if you are under the age of 18 and a female.  As an adult, I am not sure that is a professional look for the workplace! I actually saw Amazon selling mismatched socks, can you imagine? Who would pay for that? In a short amount of time, you will have...

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