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Fulfillment is that which we all desire but may not know we do. This comes from deep within your soul in. In order to create a life of genuine happiness we need to realize that beyond our skin, beyond our egos, beyond our accomplishments, job titles and relationships is our true self. It is multi-dimensional and pure.

It then become essential to sort out what fulfillment is between our ego and soul. The soul is pure and the ego is tainted which makes it easy to be misled.  Here is an example:
Ego's idea of fulfillment: I measure myself by accomplishments
Soul's voice of fulfillment: I don't measure myself by any external standard
Do you see the difference? The soul is not about "me" or "I", unlike the ego.
I first read about this from Deepak Chopra and quickly identified the ego voice a lot in myself. What I also understood is that ego relies solely on the external which I can't control. It's about who likes me, what the people and things around me dictate. This is precisely...

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Bet you have a lot on your mind- passwords, appointments, deadlines and whatever else you are trying to remember? It's really no wonder we forget things or feel all jumbled up inside. This can cause stress or agitation. In many instances it goes much deeper than the things listed above. There are so many different directions our minds get pulled in any given day.

I want to share with you how what I have done to clear out my mental clutter. What I am about to share has simplified my life. Every day isn't perfect but it is so much better. When I do have a moment or two of insanity, I am better able to cope and move on. Previously, I would've focused on it to the point of obsession with no positive gain.

The 1st thing I did was STOP! I stopped spinning myself into circles and sat down to figure out why I was doing this to myself. I came to the conclusion that if I was busy and juggling many different things then other women would be impressed! I actually thought impressing...

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Welcome to my new site! It is truly fitting to share this with you on New Year's Day. Out with the old and in with the new...

This site has been redesigned to provide you with motivation and inspiration to living a more fulfilled self by starting on the inside. It will also have lots of information for improving your outside too. There is something for everyone.

In honor of New Year's and this first blog post on this site, I am starting aREVOLUTION. That's right, a REVOLUTION! Resolutions are so last year... I mean how many of us had made resolutions only to have forgotten what they were before the end of January?

I've included the pdf here so you can see how to join the REVOLUTION! I hope that you will encourage at least one person to join too. Let's see how big we can get this to be!!! I know I can count on YOU!!!!!!!!

Once you have the pdf, let me know in the comment section here if you are joining the REVOLUTION and who you have recruited to join with you.

2015 is going to be...

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