The Purge is on…

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2016

It only happens once a year but when it does it is AMAZING!  What I’m referring to  started out yesterday with a simple question, “Mom, will you help me fold my stuff?” Even though it was my day off from organizing paying clients, there’s never a day off at home! However, this is the kid I nagged all throughout the school year to clean up his room, hang up his clothes, make his bed, etc. Then I remembered, he did the same thing last summer with the purge and completely rearranged the furniture in his room without any help! This is his purge season. He emptied out his dresser drawers and the closet. He knew what to do, sort into 3 piles: Keep, throw away and donate. He even knew what types of things needed to be thrown away. Anything with stains or holes went into his trash pile. I really only folded the items he was keeping. The kid did it all! In a little over an hour the task was complete. My son told me how hard it had been to concentrate all through the school year in his room with so much disorganization. This is something I’ve definitely learned myself firsthand and hear from my paying clients!


One of the things I enjoyed while working with my son is that I got to see him in action. Really in action, not just picking on his younger brother or older sister! I saw his decision making skills go into overdrive. I was witness to his desire to live organized for his own mind and spirit. I also saw my sweet little boy once again when he found a blanket he could no longer use because it was too small. He knew it  was made for him by a very dear family friend and I told him he could keep it or donate it. He quickly said, “that’s staying….”


I believe there is a season for everything and when you are in the right season, it is just easier to tackle certain things. Organizing is one of those “things”. This is probably why it is one of the busiest times of the year for Professional Organizers. People are FREE to think and that puts them in the mood to purge. I always say, you can’t stop a person on a purge. They are on a mission!


What season are you in?? Are you in an energetic whole house purge or a beginning catalyst closet purge? Either one will get you moving in a positive direction.


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