Take the 15 Minute Challenge to Get Organized

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2024


Challenges are really motivating. There is something about them that gets the adrenaline pumping! So, I am challenging you to jumpstart your organizing with five small projects done over five days. Are you up for it? I know you are. Remember, you are only competing with yourself unless you challenge a friend by sharing this blog. 

Here are the Steps to Being Successful in This Challenge:

  1. Pick 5 days to set aside 15 minutes and put it on your calendar (paper or phone). You are NOT available to anyone during this time. If you have to get a babysitter, do it. NOTE: If you need to do five weekends in a row, that would work too. I don’t want you to lose your momentum so the preferred way is to get in five sessions in one week. 
  2. Identify which five spaces you going to organize, think small! Don’t discount the power of small projects, they are powerful in terms of accomplishment. Your brain doesn’t know if you completed a small project or a big one. Some examples of small spaces I would recommend: junk drawer, car, kitchen counter, linen closet, under the sink, your purse, top of the dresser, etc. You can definitely use your own ideas but I wanted you to get the idea of how small this project should be. 
  3. Have the following items on hand: trash bag for trash, clear bag or box for donation, a timer to keep you to 15 minutes.
  4. Clear out the space completely. Yes, that is exactly what I mean! When the space is open you become more selective as to what you will put in there. 
  5. Decide on what to keep, toss or donate. Again, you have only 15 minutes. Make a decision! If you find yourself saying, “I need to ask _____” multiple times, this is not the space to work on right now. Move on to another one. 
  6. Put back only what should live in this space. Accessorize only if needed to further enhance your ability to use the space. No need to spend money on things that don’t really help unless you are a visual person and need to have the visual aspect of your organizing needs met.

Keeping Motivated During the Challenge:

  1. Take before and after pictures. These are not meant to shame, they are helpful in seeing how far you’ve come.
  2. Play some fun music. 
  3. Celebrate each success. Would caution against purchasing anything new unless it helps your completed project.
  4. Share your success with family or friends. You never know who you might inspire!



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