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Uncategorized Apr 04, 2024

I just became a grandma for the third time, and it got me thinking about ways to be better organized with all of the items that come with having a newborn. I have come up with a list of items that would be perfect for grandma, the nursery, or for gifts.

A Diaper Caddy Organizer that can be used in the nursery or in the car or at grandma’s house. It’s portable! This means you can store them in multiple convenient areas of the home. The cost of Mr. Pen-Baby diaper caddy organizer is under $15!

How about a little Storage Organization for the Kitchen? How fast the countertop can be taken over with baby bottles, pacifiers, cups or baby food containers. This organizer from mDesign is made from BPA free plastic, is adjustable with a removable tray. The dimensions are 8.33” D x 11” W x 4.2” H.

Onto the baby’s room..

Hanging Diaper Caddy Organizer, 3 in 1 Diaper Stacker for changing table or baby crib. There are many options with this system to customize it for your baby’s room no matter the size. The materials are BPA free and safe for the little ones.

Tight on space?

The Hanging Closet Organizer Storage Drawer System with six levels and four drawers for maximum storage. No construction needed - hang, and you’re done! This system is a great space saver for all of the varying sizes of baby clothes and accessories. Not to mention, a good time saver. This really makes it easy to find things and put them away.

The next level in nursery closet organizing...

Nursery Closet Organizer Set has the hangers and the size dividers (NB-Toddler), and it's unisex. This is great for all of the “next size” clothing in keeping it all straight. It’s the worst feeling to know your baby outgrew something they never wore because it was lost in the sea of clothes.

Sure hope you will be able to make use of the items I’ve shared! Keeping organized with a new baby can really help to lessen the feeling of overwhelm for everyone involved.

This blog contains affiliate links that I make a small amount for sharing with you at no extra cost to you when you purchase, this keeps the blog running.


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