I was my own chaos

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2021

While I know that no one is perfect, I can certainly tell you that in my home, I was the chaos. I was a stay at home mom with 2 little ones under three and a husband that worked a job and a half. For this reason, I can reasonably conclude I was the chaos.

Making the decision to stay at home after the birth of our first child seemed to be a no brainer. Daycare costs were astronomical and it really would be me working to pay for the daycare. Life was pretty simple with one child and then came two. This is where I ended up slowly spinning  out of balance. With two, I struggled to keep up with my home as I did with one.  So I didn’t. I told myself the children were fed, dry and rested and I was doing a good enough job.

Slowly but surely, I felt myself saying yes to one thing after another. It’s good to do volunteer work isn’t it? It is, until you find yourself volunteering more than being at home. One activity, organization or group led to another until the...

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Why am I so Stressed?

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2021

A new season of life is upon us at my house, how about yours? Life transitions can be big or small, happy or horrible, planned or unplanned which are likely to upset our day to day operations, our routines. Our routines are actually systems of organizing. A new transition can bring stress and with stress comes clutter. Stress is a clutter trigger for me. I know a little stress is good for us and it’s impossible to live without stress. With that said, let’s talk about a few strategies that can help ease the stressful part of transition. 

Utilize a morning or evening routine 

Do you have one? If you do, keep doing it!  

If not, I encourage you to create one based on what you need. If it’s solitude then plan either the start of the day or the end of the day with a few minutes of silence. If you are in need of more structure then this is a good place to implement. For some, just making the bed is a morning routine, it’s completely individual. For...

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Let’s find a place for your photos

Uncategorized May 08, 2021

Let me start with this fun fact, there are more pictures taken every two minutes than were taken throughout the 1800’s. It is estimated that ten percent of all photos were taken in the last twelve months. (fstoppers.com) This led me to think about all of the clients I have worked with over the last six years. There are alot of pictures without permanent homes. Oh sure, the computer could be considered permanent but is it really?

The latest article I read said  1.4 trillion photos would be taken in 2020. That’s quite an increase! Chances are you’ll probably never see 99% of those again in the near future! This is soberingly true, isn’t it?

So, what are people doing with their pictures? How can we actually see the photos you’ve taken? With a large amount of photos living on social media sites, we need to save them. You see, they are the property of the social media site. Additionally, we have plenty of photos right inside our phones and computers....

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Declutter to find your joy

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2021

As I continue my life’s work with clutter it is clear that people are being robbed of their joy. Joy is the deep peace within oneself that offer us our deepest connection to God and our relationships, including the one with ourselves. Joy is not being deliriously happy or happy all the time. Many people mistake joy for that type of outward expression. It is within oneself.

Clutter is really the devil in disguise. Any description of the devil you can think of fits in referring to clutter.

Suffocating-it sucks the life out of a room and the inhabitants

Distorted-tells us we are not worthy or that we don’t have a problem.

Liar- clutter hides and lies just like a cheating lover. It hides all of your secrets for a while anyway. Rationalizes the irrational.

Dark-hides the light in a room or in a soul

As one is caught up in clutter, it is easy to see why it’s so difficult to break from it. Emotions such as shame, guilt, sadness or doubt adhere a person to the clutter....

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Why did I buy that?

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2021

This may be a bit touchy for some. I have to address this because I care. I have been silent for far too long on this subject. The clutter I see in working with clients is debilitating emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is especially true when it comes from emotional shopping. 

What is emotional shopping? Shopping in response to emotion. This means it’s attached to a want more than an actual need. In addressing the clutter in people’s homes, I’ve heard the comment, “I don’t even know why I bought this.” I have found that to be a telling statement. The other comment is, “ I bought it on sale.” This is the justification behind the action. The thrill of the sale is a high not unlike one that someone taking drugs may get. So let’s look at where the emotional connection comes from so we can make some correction to curtail it.

Instant gratification- this is huge today especially with companies that can deliver to you...

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I need a moment

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2021

It happens to the best of us. We have the best intentions but cannot seem to move forward into the action phase. Old habits we tried to break have reared their ugly heads. The system of organizing that was making life better has gone haywire. It is time to regroup.

I like to think of regrouping as a chance to do over and do better. Recognizing the need to reset is critical to ensuring success. This is awareness! Awareness leads to action.

When you become aware then you can make adjustments. If you don’t know, you can’t do better. Awareness leads to action.

When you become aware you have a better chance of being proactive rather than reactive. It’s about knowing your triggers. What is it about your personality that can lead you back to bad habits or distract you? For me, it’s likely to happen when I am tired or busy. I am aware of it so I try to get the most important things done when I am fresh, earlier in the day. Awareness leads to action.

Becoming aware...

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What on earth just happened here?

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2020

We all have those moments where our homes look like a bomb went off. We all have those things that throw us out of whack. These trigger the clutter bugs to come out in our homes and inside ourselves. We can quickly see how they lead to chaos and disorganization. In having awareness we can tame any situation to get back to organized. For me personally, having this awareness has been tremendously helpful in maintaining the organized systems in my home.

I’ve identified four of the bigger clutter triggers along with strategies on counteracting their effect. Certainly, there are plenty more ways we can let in the clutter bugs.


This for me is where it starts. Instead of putting things away, they lay where they fall. The clutter bug starts out as one and quickly multiplies into many things not put away. Sometimes, being tired can lead to “I’ll get to it later” and later comes several days or more later. Well, you can see what this looks like after a few days.

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The most wonderful time of the year to get organized

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

The calendar is telling me the holidays are going to be soon upon us. I don’t know about you but I certainly am in disbelief. Where did the rest of the year go? As I was coordinating some organizing projects, they are all holiday themed. It occurred to me that this might be creeping into your mind as well. So, let’s adjust our minds and get organized! I have decided to share three organizing must-haves to be better organized this holiday season.

Whether you are hosting the holidays or you are the guest, these organizing tools are something you can actually use the whole year. The kitchen is the area that people are always on the hunt to make it more functional. The holidays seem to bring out the greater desire to make some organizing changes. I believe it’s because we spend alot of time in there. If your family is like mine, we gather there to share a meal or chit chat.

One of my favorite organizers is for the refrigerator. This is the You copia roll out fridge...

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Creating a Life That’s Messy

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2020

We’ve all see the pictures on instagram or facebook of the perfectly organized spice cabinet with all of the labels on the spices facing the same direction in their uniformly sized containers. Maybe you’ve seen the craft room with every single element of crafting tucked away neatly in its adorably labeled bin? I am by no means mocking these examples of organized living but I do want to point out this does not work for everyone!

If the examples I shared above aren’t you in all areas or all the time then let me share with you the messy way to organize. By the way, this works if you have no organizing skills!

The whole purpose of the M.E.S.S.Y method is to have simple and easy to maintain organizing systems that make you happy and more productive. Notice I did not say they will make your friends happy or envious. I mean, they might become envious but that’s just not the point!

M.E.S.S.Y is my life-making everything simple and sustainable so it will be...

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The Unexpected Gift of Time

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2020

The past three months have been highly unusual for me, probably for you as well. There is rarely a calendar in my possession with nothing on it. I’ve become better, more protective of my calendar over the years just not anything like this! Cancellations were the name of the game for the first month of the stay at home order. Shutting down a hands-on business such as mine and pivoting to virtual services helped occupy me and the calendar. However, there was so much else missing such as church, social gatherings with family and friends along with the holidays.After about a week, I figured out I was supposed to be doing something with this abundance of time. As the journey has continued now into the third month, I wanted to share a few takeaways.

My first takeaway is the fact that I become comfortable with silence and alot of it. I found that I began to look forward to it each day, it allowed me to deepen my prayer time and reflection. In the silence I felt peace and joy. I had...

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