Top Things to Organize this Autumn

autumn fall organize Sep 07, 2017

We all desire order in our lives, some of us more than others. Here are 10 areas you can get a handle on this fall. It’s all in the spirit of being proactive which allows you to save time and money.


1.    The Calendar

      Do you use one? Paper vs technology

      Do you check it often enough?

      Is it overbooked?

      Schedule yourself a little downtime either daily or weekly


2.   Coat closet

      Prepare for the change in weather

      Locate the hats, winter coats, rain jackets, umbrellas, mittens, gloves and boots. This is when you want to know if the boots fit your children not when there is a looming blizzard!


3.   Medicine Cabinet

      Get rid of expired items

      Stock up for allergy season

      Stock up on the cold/flu medications


4.  Bedroom closet

     Bring out the appropriate clothing for the changing weather-flannel pj’s, fuzzy slippers, sweaters, etc.

     Go through the items from sping/summer and determine what can be donated. If you didn’t wear it this summer then it needs to go to someone who will!

     Flip flops be gone. They are really meant to be disposable so find a place that will take your old flip flops.



5. Your car

    Make you sure you have what you need for a weather emergency-heavy rains, snow and ice.



    Extra Clothing

    Kitty Litter (good for ice)



6. Garage or other storage space

    Outdoor yard work needs tools like rakes, shovels and trash bags

    Prepare the lawnmower for its winter break

    Move the outdoor furniture inside

    Ensure the snowblower is in working order

    Keep the shovel and pet-friendly ice melt handy


7. Christmas Decorations

    This is a great time to take an inventory

    Replace broken lights

    Change up the decor/theme

    Proper labeling of organizing bins


8.  Gift Inventory

     Are you someone who purchases Xmas gifts all year long? Time to find them, catalog them by writing it all down. Also, write down everyone on your gift list. Match up the gift on the inventory sheet with the person it goes to on the gift list.

    This prevents you from finding the gifts after the holiday!


9. Create a gift wrap kit

    The holidays are coming, maybe you bought it when it was on sale in January. Now is the time to take a look at what you have so you don’t buy what you don’t need:



    Gift bags

    Tissue paper

    Gift wrap


    Gift card holders


10. The budget

      How much will be spent on the holidays? Do you set a budget? Are you afraid to?

      Decide how much you will spend.

      Write down those who can't be removed from the gift list.

      Assign a dollar amount to these people.

      If you are under budget, can you add some other people to the list?

      If you are over budget, what will you do? Get an extra job? Decrease the budget?

      This type of activity really keeps the holiday from getting out of control!



Fall is such a beautiful time of year and it would be a shame to miss it so use this time of year to slow down and be organized. Have an intention instead of just being busy.


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