Balance not perfection

balance Aug 08, 2018

Living balanced is a topic near and dear to my heart. It is the place I am at my best. It is found in the mind, body and spirit. It took me a long time to figure out why I was struggling with myself and my relationships. The imbalance I had in my mind, body and spirit did not lead me to being my best version of me.

Living balanced does not mean your mind, body and spirit must be divided equal, that might be impossible. Nor does it mean that life is perfect, that too, would be impossible. The point of living in balance is knowing what you need to be the best version of you.

Think of the mind, body and spirit as ratios. There may be times when you are 60% mind, 20% body and 20% spirit. If you are feeling like you are at your best with these ratios then you are living balanced. The problem may come in if you live this way all the time. Tuning into what makes you and then figuring out what makes you better is a great benefit to living balanced. After a period of time living with a focus more of one area over the other two, it is good to switch it up, cutting back on one and adding to the others. This actually does your whole person a lot of good. Simply changing the ratios creates a tremendous shift within.

Here are two steps to show you how to do this.

1. Determine your ratio of mind, body and spirit. The easiest way is to assign a percentage based on where you feel you are right now. If you feel you are doing an awesome job with eating well and exercising then your body may be at a pretty high ratio. However, during all of the focus on the body you may not be spending much time being quiet and reflective. The mind and the spirit are going to be at lower ratios. Then you would figure out between the two where you are higher or lower or maybe equal. Then you have your ratio. Remember this is about you being your best self and about perfection. These ratios may vary from day to day.
2. Create the action plan needed to get you to being the best version of you. Since the ratios may vary from day to day so should your action plan. The goal is to get your ratios to where you are living in balance. What do you need to have your mind working at its fullest potential? What does your body need to be at its best? How can you spiritually nourish yourself to live the best version of you. If you need even ratios, then that is what you work toward. Everyone is different and can operate at different ratios. There is always change and that is true of the ratios. Sometimes we need more quiet or intellectual nourishment and other times we may need to pay more attention to our bodies.

Living balanced is not complicated and is easily achieved when we let go of perfection. The balance comes in when your focus is just about being the best version of you, your 2.0! This can only be achieved with practice, daily practice is ideal. The more practice the better awareness you develop and this can keep you from tipping too far in any one direction.

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