The most wonderful time of the year to get organized

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

The calendar is telling me the holidays are going to be soon upon us. I don’t know about you but I certainly am in disbelief. Where did the rest of the year go? As I was coordinating some organizing projects, they are all holiday themed. It occurred to me that this might be creeping into your mind as well. So, let’s adjust our minds and get organized! I have decided to share three organizing must-haves to be better organized this holiday season.

Whether you are hosting the holidays or you are the guest, these organizing tools are something you can actually use the whole year. The kitchen is the area that people are always on the hunt to make it more functional. The holidays seem to bring out the greater desire to make some organizing changes. I believe it’s because we spend alot of time in there. If your family is like mine, we gather there to share a meal or chit chat.

One of my favorite organizers is for the refrigerator. This is the You copia roll out fridge caddy 6”.

What I love about this caddy is that it has wheels to roll items from the back of the fridge for easy finding. With your refrigerator being filled with all of the holiday food, it’s easy to lose those smaller items in the back. This is a great solution and it really looks nice too. Win-WIN!There are also handles to carry the caddy around and it’s BPA free. Cost: $14.99


My second favorite organizer is a take on the old Lazy Susan. This is the Plastic Turntable 11” (Made by Design). This is a simple and functional way to store round items. It’s even great with tall items, they won’t fall over. You can’t beat the color, clear which makes it very easy to quickly identify what’s inside.



Last but not least, we need something to put the leftovers in! I have this great solution from Rubbermaid Brilliance, 5pk 3.2 cup airtight food storage container set.
This could be very nice to send leftovers home in. Your guests will think you to be a very generous host! Better yet, bring your own to dinner if you are the guest.


So there you have it, my three favorite picks to help you organize your holiday cooking. All of these products were found at Target. Here is my link which gets you a discount but I also make a small commission if you purchase. I am happy to share these great products with you.

For reference:
You copia Roll out caddy 6” $14.99
Plastic Turntable (Made by Design) 11” $15.00
Rubbermaid Brilliance 5pk 3.2 cup Airtight Food Storage $27.99

Happy shopping and organizing!


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