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It is not a secret that Americans have a lot of stuff. According to an article by The L.A. Times, there are 300,000 items in the average American home. Stuff can add up and take a toll. It costs us money, takes up space, and can even affect where we live. Stuff plays a role in health issues too.

What is S.T.U.F.F?

It is anything that simply takes us from freedom. In this blog, I am only referencing the material aspect. So, stuff is:

  • “Things we cannot live without.”
  • “Things we cannot get rid of.”
  • The “what-ifs”. This is the thinking that goes something like this, “ what if I get rid of _______ and then I need it?

When we allow stuff to have a hold on us in a very real emotional way, we’ve lost freedom. It is difficult to freely make a good decision in and amongst the clutter. Then we become a slave to our things.

In the United States, there are over 50,000 storage facilities with new ones popping up every day. (Don’t get me started, I’ve already written my thoughts on this in an earlier blog!) We have a lot of stuff in this country.

If you want your freedom back, you are going to need to look at your stuff differently. Please look at it for the life draining situation it is. Moving forward, think of your space as life giving. Life giving would be calm, peaceful, ordered, clean and decorative. Would any of this stuff belong?

Let’s win back your freedom!!

If you are in a financial bind, you’d be surprised at how much you could find to sell in your home to create cash flow. With the internet and your cell phone, this is a very easy way to start gaining back your freedom.

Saving money seem impossible? Take one month off from buying anything other than the necessity of food. You’ll have extra money left over at the end of the month. Do this a few months in a row and watch your savings grow.

How could you consider moving from this place with all of this stuff? That is loss of freedom in a nutshell. I see this when working with older clients. They have become the stuff holders in their family between deceased relatives and their grown children. As we accumulate things that others have left us upon their death, this becomes stuff. There can be quite a bit of emotion attached to it. The same goes for our adult children who left their childhood in your basement. You get caught up between being memory keeper and clutter keeper waiting for the day to come when your adult daughter says she’d love to have her pom-poms to give her daughter. This day is not likely to ever come. You have become a slave to that scenario. Freeing yourself from either of these situations will bring you the freedom to choose where you want to to live. Hanging onto this stuff limits where you will live.

When we have too much stuff, our decision making can be foggy. Clear thinking is directly associated with clear spaces. Stuff can affect us physically and mentally depression is high among people who have stuff. Clutter also contributes to physical sickness; lack of sleep, unhealthy eating and an inability to thoroughly clean the home. Dust is a big trigger for allergies and breathing issues such as asthma.

It’s time to identify your S.T.U.F.F.

How much do you have? Have you noticed some health issues as a result? Are you struggling in being a slave to your stuff? Your answers will point you in the direction you need to head. Professional Organizers
are good resources in this process. Letting go is freedom.


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