Problem Solving Strategies in Organizing

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2023

Problem Solving Strategies in Organizing

In order to get the organizing space completed, you may encounter an obstacle or two along the way. I want to equip you with strategies that I personally use in my own projects and in working with clients. I have been there enough times to write this blog as an expert!! Oh my, things I wished I knew when I started my organizing journey. Happy to share them with you!

  1. First and foremost, KEEP IT SIMPLE! I cannot stress this enough. This means thinking about the goal of the project and then work backwards to create the necessary action steps. The last blog talked a lot about this so I won’t go into it again.
  2. Be flexible. This comes in handy when the project starts to get bigger than you planned. STOP! Now, break it down to smaller projects within the big project.  When it becomes harder than you imagined, allow yourself permission to ask for help. You could use a trusted friend or family member that knows you well. If this is not an option, a Professional Organizer would be your best bet and worth their weight in gold!
  3. Similar to being flexible is to have alternate options ready. This can be related to a variety of hurdles. Perhaps, you have run out of time or another project became priority in your home. Things are going to come up, this is life and I want you to be in a better frame of mind to go with it and not give up.
  4. If the space you are planning to organize is a combined space with a partner, make sure all are onboard with the plan. If not, do not touch the other person’s stuff. This is pretty important and truly overlooked in many clients. You could offer to help get it more organized at some point but don’t let it stop you from moving on.
  5. Along this same area is to create your own organized spaces if you live with someone who is not on the same wavelength. They may come around once they see your space. For example, if the entire bedroom is cluttered and your spouse is not interested in you organizing the place, then organize your side of the closet. You could organize your side of the bed, etc.
  6. Think “OVER,” as in over-budget and over-estimate the length of time the project will take to complete. I have found this to have saved me from getting frustrated and wanting to quit on my own projects. With my clients, we work together to get the “overs” set. I recommend you taking whatever you think your project will cost and add 50% to that. When it comes to the length of time you think your project will take, double it. Both of these help to create more realistic expectations and an overall better experience.



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