Out of sight, out of mind

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2017

There appears to be some unwritten rule that says everyone must use a dresser. I am here to tell you that is just not true. In fact, many people can lead a simpler life if there is no dresser. It actually lessens stress and saves time when there is no dresser to contend with. Seems kind of scandalous, doesn’t it? I have performed my own informal research as a Professional Organizer to come to this conclusion. Let me share this revelation with you…..

Most of the time, the dresser is used for storage on top with very little going in the drawers themselves. Very commonly, if there are items inside the dresser they are rarely worn and I will hear,” Oh, I didn’t know I still had that!” 

For some people, there is an out of sight, out of mind reality. The fear is that putting items in the drawer and closing it will prevent those items from ever being found again.

In some cases, I realized that opening a drawer and closing it was too many steps for individuals struggling with executive function issues.

It just doesn’t make sense to some people. This is something I don’t think people who are pro dresser users entertain. When I  hear people say, “just put your clothes in the dresser neatly,” it makes me cringe. For some, this is a huge challenge because they just aren’t wired this way. It really isn’t intentional on their part.

For some in my research, using a dresser was too confining to them as if they were stuck in a box. This is an interesting perspective not considered by people who routinely use a dresser.

I knew there was no point in telling these clients to just fold and put their clothes away. If it was that simple it would already be done. The clothing on top of the dresser told me the dresser was very ineffective in fostering organization. So, I went down a different path. I loved watching the expressions of people when I said, “don’t use a dresser.” You would’ve thought I had just said a curse word! But this makes sense to those who aren’t utilizing a dresser to its full potential. 

For the clients who tried this, they felt like the burden was lifted off of them. The dresser itself was the clutter for them. Clutter is defined as something that doesn’t serve you or you don’t want it. There was more room in their room without that big piece of clutter. They could actually enjoy completing this basic task, it was no longer something they avoided. 

Together, we came up with some unconventional solutions and I am sure there are many more out there on the internet. This is what worked for my clients…

1.    Shelving in a closet-this eliminates all need for a dresser and can be organized in a variety of ways.

2.    3 or 5 shelf bookcase-use smaller clear plastic bins for smaller items such as socks & undergarments) The other items can be displayed as needed to customize.

3.    Over the door clear pocket organizers work well for small stuff. This can be placed over the back of the bedroom door or the closet door as the need is determined.

What is most important is to know the learning style and the organizing style of the person you are trying to help. Just because it makes sense and works for you does not mean it is for everyone!! You may have a child who could benefit from this or your spouse. Finding peace is part of living organized. I am happy that this simple revelation has brought a calm in the bedroom, the place we should be able to go to for calm and rest. 

If you try this, please let me know what you think.

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Wishing you well,

Darlene Illig

Professional Organizer

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