Organized Enough

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2020

Each day bring a new set of challenges. It’s always been this way, regardless of the state the world is in. This includes the state your world is in right now. If you have been caught off guard in the latest challenge of your life, I am introducing to you a new concept to get you through this challenge, being organized enough.

First, you need to recognize whatever you are going through is temporary. Living organized has likely provided you with a solid framework to get through challenges. However, tweaking your system(s) may be necessary if your situation involves other people living with you. You may be sharing your home as your workspace with your spouse, significant other or children and this may be throwing you off your organizing game! Quite possibly you never imagined you would be working from home or having others do so too? Understand that you will not be able to weather this challenge without a change of attitude.

Secondly, this is no time to allow your system to be a battleground. When life starts raining stress you want your organized life to be your umbrella. Identifying your one or two most important areas that need to be organized and letting the others be less important is how you implement “organized enough”. This is not to say that you are throwing in the towel on living organized. It is more of the approach that your system doesn’t make sense to everyone using the space so extending the hand of compromise will go a long way. The areas most important to me are organized as I need. The other areas I’ve made the conscious decision to let go. Our workout area is a fine example. I confess that I do not spend as much time in that area as my two sons. The weights are spread all over the area and that works for them. I let go of the fact that I prefer the weights to be neatly placed in one area organized by the amount of the weight. Now when I am doing a weight workout, I allow for the time to find the weights I need to before I start my workout. It is no longer annoying and the guys are happy I have left them alone.

Lastly, recognize that whatever system you now have in place is organized enough. This seems like a strange thing to say as I run a business helping people live organized. There is a peace that comes from picking your battles. I have had to do this as well in my home. I am alot less agitated and frustrated with my children whose organizing personalities are different from mine.

Let’s take a look at what goes into determining when you are organized enough:

  1. Length of time there will be others in the space
  2. The number of people in your space.
  3. Have no more than 2 areas that you have declared organized to your usual standard
  4. Is your established system of organization flexible enough to withstand stress

Being organized enough is knowing when you have to let go of things beyond your control.  People, of course, are out of our control as well. Your reaction is the only thing you can control. Whatever you are facing is temporary and will only benefit you to keep this in mind. Wishing you well on your journey to live organized enough!





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