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No one likes it but we all have it, PAPER! Some of us are better handling it than others. Some days are better than others too.

Tax time can really bring out the paper deficiencies in peoples' organizing systems. I worked with 2 clients this month just trying to help them figure out their paper trail. Honestly, they were way off the trail! This can really be a very big struggle for people. I find that I become the most overwhelmed when I don't deal with paper on a regular basis. 

The clients I worked with were beyond overwhelmed. When I started to work with them I noticed they didn't have a working organizational system. I could see evidence of one but it was buried at this point. 

The first thing I do when I work with clients is that I assess what type of organizing system suits them. It wouldn't do my client any good for me to organize them the way I think if they don't think the same as me. 

So, what type of organizing is there? I find there to be 3 types: linear organizer, artistic organizer and a combination thereof the artsy linear. 

Linear organizing is based on linear thinking. Everything is in a logical order, whether it be alphabetical or chronological, etc. Linear thinkers think everyone should be organized in this fashion!

Artistic organizers are the ones whose desk is a mess but they know exactly what is on the desk. They may be labeled as "messy" or "slobs". 
In this person they may appear to be disorganized to the linear organizer.

The Artsy linear organizer is the one who is a little more balanced but can go either way on any given day. To me, this one is the most challenging. What may seem logical to them today may or may not be the case when looking for something. This is me!!!! I start out organized in a linear way and then put off my filing until the point I am overwhelmed. My system is there but it can be buried from time to time. I for the most part have an idea of where something is.  

What is most important is that the system that works for you is the BEST system. Your system should:
                           make you functional
                           eliminate stress
                           reflect your way of thinking most of the time

To me this is what organizing is ALL about! It would do no good for me to walk into a client's home and organize them the way I think unless we are similar in thinking styles. Why? Well, when I leave they may have trouble finding things and are less likely to maintain this system. This is failure on the organizers part. I do think hiring a Professional Organizer is a good thing but make sure you find someone who customizes the system to your thinking style.  Sure it costs money but it is worth every penny when you find your soulmate organizing system. 

If you are still looking for the documents to file your taxes or any other papers around your home or office I encourage you to hire a Professional.

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