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Do you have it?? Do your kids have it? The school year can be a relief for everyone, kids, teachers and parents. However, leading up to this is what I call  the fever. It involves dashing here and there trying to put an end to every activity, running yourself into a haggard mess!

It really is no surprise the end of the school year will come. After all, we have a calendar that says so! What amazes me is how surprised other moms I know can get at the busy-ness. **Mental note: be prudent by avoiding overbooking your child(ren). All of those wonderful activities your child(ren) participate in have a year end component to them. This, in my opinion is usually the most underestimated aspect of all. This is where it can get OUT OF CONTROL CRAZY!

I am proposing that this year is your chance to take a stand and defend yourself against the fever!! Here is how I propose you do it...

1. Get a visual system for keeping track of you child(ren)'s schedules. I recommend using a calendar, either in your phone or on paper. If you think you're going to remember all of the stuff on your calendar, you already have the fever! All of that stress you have placed your mind under is really unnecessary.  I have a friend with 3 very busy kids who has all of the activities on a spreadsheet. Use whatever works for YOU!
2. Overestimate the scheduling of activities. This gives you a cushion for any unforeseen circumstances. This has saved me on numerous occasions. If you are someone who struggles with tardiness then I highly suggest this strategy. Here's how to best utilize it....
Ex: Soccer practice is 5-6:30 and it takes 15 minutes to get there. You DOUBLE the travel time on both ends! This may seem like a waste of time but it's really a time cushion. What if you need to get gas? What if traffic is heavy? What if your child forgot some part of their gear? This all fits in the cushion!!
3. Make time for YOU. This is SUPER important. What's the first thing we do when we get busy? We, the moms tend to put ourselves last. If this is your busy period as it is mine you have to schedule time for yourself, 15-30 minutes, more if possible. This may mean getting up 15-30 minutes early to do it!! It's only temporary....it's your time to do whatever YOU want without distraction!!
4. Go on a date. Yes, I am talking to you if are married! Go out with your spouse/significant other. Relationships take work, even good ones. Schedule a date or alone time. Life goes by so fast when you are juggling so many things, it's easy to forget about the other person. Some of us do much better when we have this written on our calendar. More importantly, it helps you focus attention on your relationship to keep it growing. I know people who are in relationships they claim are dead. Yet, when I ask how much they dated, I got this funny look and a laugh. I'm serious, you have to continue dating even if you've been married 20 years!! This is who you will be with when the children leave the nest. You don't want to turn around and see a stranger.

This is the year you are not going to succomb to the end of school yearfever. Now, you can move into summer instead of collapsing into it!!

Getting organized is more than just your closet, it's holistically mind, body and spirit.


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