Answer This Question to Declutter Your Closet

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2023

 What Does Your Personal Style Say to Others?

By taking the time to answer this question you could save a ton of money because you  would purchase only the items that are truly you.  Here are a couple of other questions I’d like you to ponder. Think about your last purchase, have you worn it yet? Where did you buy it, online or in person? What led you to make the purchase? If trendy isn’t working for you, read on. 

Personal style is the way a person expresses themselves. This can be in your house decor, music, art, travel, hair, makeup or fashion. Your style should come from a place of knowing yourself. Trends are nice to look at and fun to try but most of us have closets filled with clothing we aren’t wearing. The most common reason I hear from organizing clients is that it just didn’t look right when they got it home. More than likely this is due to wearing  “store blinders” . The blinders are the ones that show the mannequin who has no real body shape to be wearing something eye catching. 

The value in finding your personal style will save you time, money and closet storage space. This will not happen overnight. Take the time to be thoughtful and intentional. The focus for this blog is on clothing. 


Step 1 - Go through your closet and pull out the following: 

  • The nicest pieces, do not allow your focus to be on the cost of the item. Expensive clothing can be out of your style as well. 
  • The items you love to wear.
  • Assess why and what you like about them. Take note of what these items have in common. 

Step 2 - Get inspired

  • Think of those around you whose style you admire. Take a trip to your favorite social media platform and see what resonates with you. I find blogs to be good resources of inspiration and filled with useful tips. Try to keep your following to only a few. Become a student of style by learning about different types and pick out the items you most connect to. 

Step 3 - Get a visual.

  • Take screenshots, pulling out pictures from magazines or print them off the computer. Might be good to keep this information in a folder or binder so you can gather your data in one place. The fashion world calls this a mood board. Your style may feel all over the place, visually you can ascertain what appeals to you overall. Keep three pictures on your phone of the overall look so you can reference them while shopping. 

Step 4 - Create a wardrobe that can mix and match.

  • Utilize simple looks to create with neutral  colors. This could entail items such as a pair of jeans, a white blouse, a little black dress, a jean jacket and a purse. Sound familiar? You probably have an article or two already. Keep the best of the best. These become your core pieces. You can build off of these easily in a more creative way. 
  • For example, use a brightly colored blazer that you already had and add it to the jeans and white blouse. This adds a pop of color and gives the jeans/blouse an updated fun look. Maybe you don’t have the blazer and this is something you could purchase? The blazer works with skirts as well, dressier pants or the little black dress you already own! This is what the fashionistas call, capsule wardrobe. To me, it simplifies your closet!
  • Lastly, branch out by starting with your foundation pieces. You might now think of combinations you never thought of previously. This will take a little getting used to. Don’t throw in the towel and run off to the donation center, wear the piece again. If it still doesn’t work, move and try something else. Accessories may be more of your comfort zone. The fun part here is opening up your creativity and allowing this to reflect your wardrobe. Think about how much space you will have in your closet when you’re done. Better yet, think about how good it will feel to be wearing items that are true to your sense of style. 

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