Creating a Life That’s Messy

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2020

We’ve all see the pictures on instagram or facebook of the perfectly organized spice cabinet with all of the labels on the spices facing the same direction in their uniformly sized containers. Maybe you’ve seen the craft room with every single element of crafting tucked away neatly in its adorably labeled bin? I am by no means mocking these examples of organized living but I do want to point out this does not work for everyone!

If the examples I shared above aren’t you in all areas or all the time then let me share with you the messy way to organize. By the way, this works if you have no organizing skills!

The whole purpose of the M.E.S.S.Y method is to have simple and easy to maintain organizing systems that make you happy and more productive. Notice I did not say they will make your friends happy or envious. I mean, they might become envious but that’s just not the point!

M.E.S.S.Y is my life-making everything simple and sustainable so it will be “yes” worthy when you’re done. It is the best feeling to create a system for paper, then need a particular piece of paper and actually find that piece of paper with ease. Well worth a resounding, “YES”!

What does it take to create a M.E.S.S.Y organized home?

  1. Have a purpose

No matter what the space is in your home-give it a purpose other than to be a place to stash things. Think of it as a way to make life easier for yourself.

Example: there is usually some sort of space at your front door or whatever door you use- utilize this for your last minute items you grab as you go out the door or the “thing” you need to take back to the store. By simply placing a basket in this space you can create a space that will make your life a little easier and your mind a little sharper.

  1. Pick ONE Project

Once the excitement kicks in, it is only natural to have the desire to get everything  done at once. Pick one place to focus your time and energy on and you will have a completed project. It may be best to start small, especially if you’ve never tried to get organized before. The other option that works well and helps the motivation is pick the space that annoys you the most. Your motivation will carry you through to the finish line!

  1. Plan

I know this sounds complicated and simplistic all at the same time. Once you know the project, you will need a game plan. It should be very simply based on 3 factors: time, budget and end goal.

Time- over estimate the amount of time you think the project will take by 50%. So if you feel the closet could be organized in 3 hours, bank in another 1.5 hours for a more realistic window.

Budget-always double as a rule of thumb. If budget is not an issue with this project because you don’t need any supplies or have unlimited money, then skip it. ( No need wasting time & energy here)

End Goal- Be realistic. If you’ve never organized anything before, don’t start out with a whole room. Choose one section of the room. I highly recommend you think small-start small.

  1. Take action- Clear the space ( may need an additional space to do the sorting in),

Sort through the items and create 3 piles of what you are keeping, tossing and donating. Put back only what should live in this space based on the purpose for the space. Use organizing accessories such as bins, labels or baskets only when finished  if you need to group like things better.

In order to create a M.E.S.S.Y life do not overcomplicate this. I want you to think  this is easy, what area can I improve on next? The whole purpose is to make everything simpler and more sustainable so you can feel it’s “YES” worthy.

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