Creating A Dream Closet

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2023

Closets hold so much of our stuff! A properly set up closet can make all the difference between clutter and organized. I am sharing some tips on organizing your closet and 3 great systems to use for creating your dream closet.


Tips on Creating an Organized Closet:

  1. Identify what is working in your closet
  2. Identify what is not working in your closet
  3. Inventory the items in your closet
  4. Purge what you don’t like
  5. Donate what no longer fits
  6. Throw away the items that are torn beyond repair or stained      


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Closet Shelves Tower-Modular Closet Systems with drawers(4), Corner Closet System-Closet Organizers and Storage Shelves

  • Forever Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Patented System
  • Furniture Grade Boards

This pairs well with other modules sold by this company. Mix and match the modules to have your customized space. This system works well with walk-in as well as reach-in closets. 


Closet Maid Shelf Track Wire Closet Organizer System, adjustable from 5-8ft, with Shelves, Clothes Rods, Shoe Shelf, Hardware. Durable Steel, White

This is just a good overall system and very durable. You have the ability to set up your closet any way that allows you to be better organized in the space. It’s an all in one kit that creates up to 132 in of hanging space and 216in. of shelf space (including 36 in. shoe shelf)


Armocity 96” closet System, 8ft Walk-In Closet Organizer with 3 Shelving Towers, Heavy duty Clothes Rack with 3 drawers, Built-In Garment Rack, 96” L x 16”W  x 75”H, Load 100 lbs, White Oak

As an all in one multifunctional closet rack, this system is perfect for all of your clothing. You will no longer need a dresser! It is a perfect DIY project but it is recommended to have 2 people for installation. The website notes this system can be used for 5-8 ft closets and smaller ones too. ( You would only need to install one side of the unit for the smaller closet). Armocity prides itself on customer service and is happy to help if you have any questions or issues.


Bonus Tip #1: Make a rough sketch of your closet. Measure each wall of the closet in three places: bottom, middle and top. Write down the measurements and use the shortest one for the final sketch. This is all part of the project planning.

Bonus Tip #2: When creating a budget, make sure to overestimate the expense.

Bonus Tip #3 If you’ve never installed an organizing system, overestimate the amount of time it will take. Take your time so you do it right. My guess is that as a novice, this project should take you an entire weekend if you’ve done the declutter part ahead of time.


This blog was written to help you organize your closet before you redesign your closet. I tried to give you a well rounded look at three amazing organizing systems. You can’t go wrong with any of them! Sure hope this information was helpful to you in getting that designer closet you’ve always wanted. Be inspired!


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