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Uncategorized Jun 15, 2017

It’s the end of the school year and time to clean out dorm rooms, lockers and backpacks for millions of students. It is also peak moving season. What do these scenarios have in common? BOOKS!! Where can these books go?

Well, there are plenty of high school students who have required reading to do over the summer and you may have a book they need.Check out the local high school’s required reading list to see if you have something on that list.  Younger children are encouraged to read over the summer as well and some may not be able to afford the purchase of new books. College students spend a lot of money on books that they no longer need but someone else may.

You may choose to do one of 2 things with your gently used unwanted books, get paid for them or donate them.

If you would like to make a little money off your books here are some places you could use.

1.    Hold a yard sale - be prepared for people to haggle on your prices so price accordingly.

2.    Flea markets - you may be able to work something out with a person who already has a table to put a box of books and pay them for the space.

3.    Used book stores - You can type in the books ISBN number and see what the value of the book is and know that you will be paid a fraction of that in cash or in store credit. Store credit is usually a higher amount than cash.  The used book stores do give priority to books they know they don’t have a lot of inventory of like the books on the summer reading lists. (I personally like 2nd & Charles)

4.    Sites like  They claim to give the best prices. You do pay shipping on the books. You will get paid for all of the items on your quote and if they didn’t meet the minimum standard requirements they are sent back to you FREE

Feeling charitable….donation options for your gently used unwanted books:

1.     Donate to the local library

2.,, - these sites allows you to trade books with other people. They take hardback as well.

3. - non profit group in your area, FREE membership

4.    Goodwill/Salvation Army

5.    Kids need to read ( a nonprofit who wants to make sure disadvantaged children have books to read. You have to ship to Arizona but they will give you a tax donation slip.

6.    Books for Soldiers at (no children’s books)

There are countless of books for name the cause or charity sites out there. Pick one that is near and dear your heart.

No reason to hang onto those unwanted books anymore, there are plenty of options to get these books into the hands of others. It’s a great thing to do this summer.


Darlene Illig

Darlene is a Professional Organizer and always looking for ways to recycle the items clients want to part with in their efforts to live clutter free.



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