“Good order is the foundation of all things.”

~ Edmund Burke


The journey starts here…. On this page you will learn what organized is and what it isn’t. I’ll be sharing with you some basics of getting started living organized.

What is organized?

This is different for everyone based on many different things:

Learning style    

physical health   


career demands    

transitional events such as the birth of a baby, career change, recent move or even a death


At a minimum, living organized should make your life easier so you can spend more time doing what you want to do versus what you have to do!! 

The Myths of Organizing ( Top 3)


1. Being organized means I have to be scheduled every minute of the day

Not at all, if done properly (without overloading your schedule) your organized schedule would enable you to get your priorities straight and the tasks related to them. In the end, you have more freedom because you have made better use of your time!


2. I’m not the organized type

Not sure who is, it certainly wasn’t me a few years back! Part of this has to do with your learning style and for many people if you didn’t get what organized was you never got organized! Good news, ANYONE can become more organized, you are the one defining what organized is for YOU!


3. I don’t want to throw out all of my stuff

You don’t have to throw out anything unless it is of no use to you and no use to anyone else. There is so much more to getting organized. Many times, sorting through the clutter will help you see what you can let go of. You are the one who decides that!

3 Steps to get you started-(you will need a pen and paper for this part)


1. Know your “why”! Why do you want to get organized? Why haven’t you been able to get organized? 

      (This is what really opened my eyes to living better)


2. Define organization for you-walk through your home and take notes on what you see as you enter each room. What would it look for you to consider it organized?

      (This is what gets the creativity flying!) If you get stuck here, hire a Professional, 

      that’s what we are trained to do!


3. Get it on the calendar-the best way to ensure your success is to block out time to work on this. Remember from the home page it is recommended to start slowly. Small projects are the best way to get your feet wet and your confidence up. 

      (Fun fact- I started with 15 minute projects!!!)

**BONUS TIP: Create a Mission Statement

The purpose of a mission statement is to define your priorities and the commitment to them. The Mission Statement allowed me to reform my “yes” saying ways. This is my commitment to myself and my family, extremely important!!! 

The Creation of this statement is one of the things I learned to do once I began to climb out of my disorganized abyss. If you aren’t ready yet, don’t worry it will come. 


1. Write down all of the things in your life that are important even if you think they are obvious. 

2. Give each one  a number of priority, with 1 being highest and continuing on until each thing has a number

3. Identity your top 3

4. Write out in complete sentences on paper. Ex: My soul purpose is to serve God, my husband and my children. In doing so, I will ________________

     (That is just an example, you can do this however you want. ) It can be as    

      long as you want or just a couple of sentences.

5. Put it where you can see it daily, make multiple copies if you need to. Take a      picture and carry on your phone so when you’re tempted to say ‘yes’ to something you will catch yourself. I would make it a practice to read it daily in the first few weeks. 


There is so much freedom in having a mission statement. I can now say “no”, to people and opportunities without feeling guilty simply because it is not in line with my mission at this time. You can always adjust at your needs change too. For example, a mom to grown children might not need to make sure she is home every evening for her children as I have in my statement. 

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